United Nation Inter-Governmental Organization or briefly United Nation IGO is an international Organization having been registered as [501(c) (3)] Non-for-Profit Treaty (Registration No - 4621805) under Department of State, United States of America; Legally established by diplomatic treaties under the Resolutions of Vienna Convention on Laws of Treaties to promote international cooperation and alliance as Inter-Governmental Agency with World Global United Nation PI and Registered Organizations with United Nations Secretariat, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UN IDO), Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Labour Organization (ILO) , International Trade Centre (ITC), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Human Refugees Council (UN HCR), United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), World Health Organization (WHO), Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and WTO World Trade Organization registered through joint registrations with United Nations General Assembly and United Nations Global Marketplace Systems with Official Registration No- #660973 having universal jurisdictions of the international law and official powers and authorities which are fully binding upon all countries (UN International Jurisdictions, Articles 3, 9.4) thereby processing inherent judicial sovereignty analogous to statehood, by force and effect of “Customary International Law" (UN Diplomatic Relations, Preamble, Article 47.1; UN Consular Relations Preamble). Its status as a Sovereign "subject of International Laws' is binding upon all countries regardless of recognition (UN Law of Treaties, Article 3) with inherent diplomatic and consular relations (UN Consular, Articles 3, 1 (d), 17.1) as a non-territorial sovereignty (UN Diplomatic, Article 1(i), 3.1(a)) as an “Inter-Governmental Organization” (IGO), with the declared sanctioned activity of “UN Reform”, Officially Having Diplomatic Treaties with The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, The Kingdom of New Spain, The Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman (Indonesia), The Embo Kingdom, BAKHOLOKOE NATION, KINGDOM OF EZEIBO OHENAEZE (Central Region Ghana), THE ROYAL HOUSE OF SEFWI OBENG-MIM (Nigeria and Ghana), The Kingdom of Tavolara, The Kingdom of Pictland and The Crowns of Commonwealth and Registered Organizations with 17 UN Agencies enlisted below,

United Nation Inter-governmental Organization

Joint Registration with UN General Assembly and UN Global Market Registration No- #660973

Registration with Agencies of UN

  1. ADB • Asian Development Bank
  2. CTBTO • Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization
  3. FAO • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  4. ILO • International Labour Organization
  5. ITC • International Trade Centre
  6. OPCW • Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
  7. UN Secretariat • United Nations Secretariat
  8. UNDP • United Nations Development Programme
  9. UNICEF • United Nations Children's Fund
  10. UNOPS • United Nations Office for Project Services
  11. UNRWA • United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
  12. WFP • World Food Programme
  13. WHO • World Health Organization
  14. WIPO • World Intellectual Property Organization
  15. WTO • World Trade Organization
  16. UNESCO • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  17. ICAO • International Civil Aviation Organization

International organizations and official Treaty Partners and Accredited Institutions:

Many intergovernmental organizations and a few other entities (non-governmental organizations and others with various degrees of statehood or sovereignty), are invited to become observers at the General Assembly. Some of them maintain a permanent office in the United Nations headquarters in New York City, while others do not; however, this is the choice of the organization and does not imply differences in their status. Below enlisted Official United Nation IGO Treaty Partner Organizations

  • H-WIPC Interpol Command(Treaty Agency of the ICC-ICJ, WTO-ITC, WBG, ONU).
  • The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara and Association of the Representatives of The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara (Legally Recognized under Parliament of Uganda and African Union).
  • World Global United Nations PI(Committee 300; Republican Act 5445-5446 Old and New Constitution, Republic of the Philippines)
  • SCM International Training Center for Professional Qualifications [Licensed MLS Network Partner, International Trade Centre (ITC), joint agency of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UNCTAD) and Licensed Network Partner of the International Trade Centre (ITC), the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations (UNCTAD) - providing trainings leading to International Diploma in Supply Chain Management - Dip.SCM(ITC) Geneva]
  • International Counter Terrorism Organization, Council of Europe; International Counter Terrorism Center is Counter Terrorism Force registered with the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior, Bulgaria and Ukraine and having registered as Counter Terrorism Agency with European Union with registration number 00129003 BGR, Permanente member with Council of Europe and Affiliated with The International Society of the United Nations Missions Veterans, International Counter Terrorism Unity and European Union Transparency Register.
  • CONACCE Chaplain International (Reg. Department of State, USA, Accredited with Consultative status with United Nations ECOSOC, United Nations Global Compact; Recognized by Chief of Chaplains, United States of America, National Christian Counselors Association, USA; Recognized by United Nation IGO.)
  • National Academy of Security and Defense Planning (NASDP) [Accredited by Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission ) NASDP is a treaty partners with National Council of Scientific Research in Defense (CNCSA) and officially affiliated with the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS), The Ministry of Education and Research, Romania.]
  • World Yoga Community (Reg. Department of State, New York as 501 C 3 status; NGO associated with UN DGC & UN ECOSOC).
  • Bulgarian Ukrainian Commandos, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense, Council of Europe.
  • Center for Global Best Practices (Registered under SEC with accreditation as a corporate governance training provider. It is also accredited by the DILG-Local Government Academy, the Civil Service Commission, the Professional Regulations Commission, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Supreme Court of the Philippines as an MCLE training provider, the It is also recognized as "Center of Excellence" by International Special Court of Arbitration and United Nation Inter-Governmental Organization.
  • Institute of Mental Health (IMH) [Affiliate Organization Member of the World Federation for Mental Health - WFMH, USA, Affiliated with the International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA), Member of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) also IMH is also an official Academic Signatory of the Education Charter International initiative of CCLP Worldwide, Member- American Psychological Association (APA), USA Association for Psychological Science (APS), USA and International Council of Psychologists (ICP), USA etc.]
  • Globe Eagle University; Reg. Department of State California, Department of Education. California; Accredited by UN Secretariat, UN-ECOSOC, "UN Inter-Governmental Organization" (UN IGO), "UN ISCAHR Inter-Governmental Court" (UN ISCAHR IGC), “United Nation Accreditation for International Standard Organizations” (UNISO), “United Nation Accreditation for Universities and Colleges” (UNAUC), "United Nations Global Service" (UN GS), "United Nations Volunteers" (UNV) and EU Quality Assurances (For Post Graduate Studies) etc. Globe Eagle University, California, United States of America is The International Standardization Organization – ISO Certified for Management Systems as Higher Educational Organization (ISO Certified with Certificate Number SMCRAC/QMS/2019/030).
  • Logos University International, Unilogos and LCI namely Logos College International (Reg. Department of State, Department of Education, Florida; Accredited by UN-ECOSOC with Consultative Status; UNESCO and UN Academic Impact etc., Accredited with WHED / American University Consortium and GAFM ® / Global Academy of Finance and Management ® International Board of Standards, Olympos Intellectual Center (Greece) etc.)
  • International Police Forum Inter-governmental Chapter [Reg. Department of State California, Accredited by US Presidential Educational Awards and US Presidential Volunteer Awards; Accredited Inter-Governmental Corporations by The Kingdom of New Spain, The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, The The Embo Kingdom, The Kingdom of New Israel and The Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman (Indonesia).]
  • Chinese American Intl P.S.G Corp. (Registered Department of the State, New York USA and Accredited by United Nation IGO, United Nation Police and International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights Inter-governmental Court).
  • World Peace Wealth Fund Inc. (Registered Department of the State, New York USA and Accredited by United Nation IGO, United Nation Police and International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights Inter-governmental Court).
  • United Nation Welfare Foundation (Registered with Government of India and Accredited by United Nation IGO, United Nation Police and International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights Inter-governmental Court).
  • Security Service Anticorruption of Ukraine (SSAU; Reg. Ministry of Justice, Ukraine and EU Human Rights Commission).
  • Association of Chief of Police of the Philippines, Inc. (Recognized by PNP NHQ, AFP & Government of the Philippine)
  • Tagapagtaguyod Ng Sining At Kultura Ng Pilipinas (Reg. Securities Exchange Commission, The Philippines; Affiliated with Philippines Navy and Museum relaunching Partners with Philippines National Police)
  • International Organization for Economic Development (IOED) (Registered with Hungary Government)

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